Zed-Mercz have Arrived!!

The New Zed-Mercs are available in the Mercz Models section.
The Escape From Houscatraz Campaign featuring Grub-Zilla and the Big Box of Grubz are in the Attachments section.

The World of ZynVaded!™ EVO


What is ZynVaded!™ EVO

ZynVaded!™ EVO is a 1/1 scale miniatures game unlike any you’ve likely seen before because you literally fight battles on a tabletop (or desktop, or countertop, or wherever) set in your own world! In it, you control a team of inches-high, insectile aliens or their enemies, waging war on our planet. The battles ...

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14 Reviews

This is an awesome game with cool unique miniatures and easy to pickup and play gameplay.

Mar 2, 2024
Ryan Johnston